About LCA

About LCA

History of LCA

该校成立于1967年,前身为林奇堡基督教学院 Thomas Road Baptist Church to provide Christian education to children in central Virginia. The Academy, founded by Dr. Jerry Falwell, became a fully accredited institution, 对于那些希望孩子从基于圣经的课程中学习基督教世界观的父母来说,这是一个可行的教育选择.

LCA最初于1995年由南方学院和学校协会(SACS)和国际基督教学校协会(ACSI)认证. 目前被弗吉尼亚州联邦认可为认可机构, regionally accredited by Cognia (formerly SACS/AdvancEd), and accredited by ACSI, LCA has an acknowledged history of academic excellence.

林奇堡基督教学院被安置在原来的托马斯路浸信会教堂的位置38年. Upon completion of a new campus, 2005年8月,学校搬迁到现在的地点,毗邻利伯缇大学. 随着搬迁,学校更名为手机在线澳门赌场地址,以支持博士. 福尔韦尔的梦想是在自由的旗帜下为学生提供从学前到研究生大学的全面教育计划.

Strategic Plan

Scripture encourages Christians to carefully plan, commit our ways to the Lord, and depend on God to help us accomplish our goals.

This strategic planning document 反映了手机在线澳门赌场地址校长和学校董事会在未来五年的计划.

After prayer, reflection, and discussion, we have formulated eight goals, each having specific objectives. 我们设定了很高的标准,并渴望实现这些重大成就. 我们也认识到,我们迫切需要上帝的帮助,否则我们的工作是徒劳的. 我们寻求成为上帝托付给我们的学校的忠实管家,手机在线澳门赌场地址.

我们致力于继续忠实于我们的使命、愿景和核心价值观. 我们期待在未来的岁月里,我们将看到上帝通过我们的毕业生完成许多令人惊叹的事情.

Benny the Bulldog

Benny The Bulldog is the official mascot for LCA!

Benny the bulldog with an LCA collar

Benny was born right here in Lynchburg on October 9th, 2009. His first appearance at LCA was at the age of nearly one year old. 本尼的第一场比赛是客场比赛,当时LCA拜访了阿默斯特枪骑兵队,并取得了胜利. He went on to appear at every game from then on until homecoming.

Ralph Waldo BigBull, Benny’s great, great, great, great grandfather, whom he was named after, 在20世纪80年代初,他也曾在LCA为“狗”队助威. Ralph是LCA赛事的常客,直到1985年高龄去世. As far as we know, 自从拉尔夫去世后,学校就再也没有“正式”为一只活的牛头犬重新命名吉祥物. We had the pleasure of Dr. Patterson naming our Benny as the official mascot of LCA.

斗牛犬本尼在比赛前后都能看到,它会很高兴地伸出爪子和你击掌,或者和你的家人合影. We do ask that as much as possible, 出于对教练和团队的尊重,所有的拍照机会都将在远离体育活动的地方进行. During the games, Benny will be cheering for his team on the sidelines, out of the way of the Marching Band, cheerleaders, and football team.

虽然我们很喜欢狗,但我们要求你不要带你的狗或宠物来参加比赛或活动. Benny is the only dog that has pre-approved permission. 请不要让我们失去吉祥物为我们加油的机会.

Portrait of an LCA Graduate

  • Know God Deeply
    • Fear and respect God
    • Desire Godly company
    • Be a Godly example to others
    • Trust in God’s word
    • Involvement in the local church
    • Community Service
  • Biblical Stewardship
    • 根据歌罗西书3:23,培养一个外在的视角和职业道德
  • Intellectual Achievement
    • 渴望并尊重一条严格的智力发展道路,在上帝如何安排他们的背景下
  • Whole Person Development (Luke 2:52)
    • 全面发展的学生,开始认识到他们的天赋潜力
  • Strong College Preparative Foundation
    • 表现出强大的文科教育,以成熟的写作为特征, mathematical thinking, synthesis skills, and mastery of academic objectives
  • Christ-Centered Worldview
    • 要有一个“宏观的观点”,他们是神的计划的一部分,通过向所有人展示基督的爱和态度来接触他人

Liberty Christian Academy names longtime teacher, administrator Jeffrey Capps as Head of Schools

当了29年的老师,管理人员,和使命的支持者 Liberty Christian Academy杰弗里·卡普斯(Jeffrey Capps)最近接受了学院院长的新角色. 卡普斯在过去的三年里一直担任高中校长和校长助理.

“杰夫·卡普斯是上帝忠实的仆人,他把自己的生命献给了LCA的年轻人,” said Greg Dowell, chairman of the LCA Board of Trustees. “He will make an excellent head of schools, 提供稳定的领导,不仅带来了数十年的机构知识,而且还带来了对卓越的重新承诺. The board stands together in solidarity, eager to collaborate and build a brighter future for our LCA community.”

Capps was raised in Lynchburg, Va., and is a graduate of LCA. He began teaching at LCA in 1995. He has since served in various capacities, including head and assistant coach for multiple sports, high school dean of students, director of athletics, director of transportation, upper school assistant principal, and middle school principal. 他还在利伯缇大学做了五年的兼职教授 School of Education. Capps拥有自由大学的管理和监督教育硕士学位以及健康和体育科学学士学位. 他计划在今年夏天完成他的教育领导教育博士学位.

“Jeff Capps has been a special member of the Liberty University, Thomas Road Baptist Church, and Liberty Christian Academy families,” said the Rev. Jonathan Falwell, Chancellor of Liberty University, senior pastor of TRBC, and a member of the LCA Board of Trustees. “他一直真诚地将个人信仰与职业生涯结合在一起,并将自己的工作视为真正的使命. We congratulate him on his new role.”

Capps’ family has a legacy at LCA: his mother, Janet, taught a variety of grades including kindergarten, fourth, fifth, and seventh, over the course of 27 years; his brother Jonathan has served as a teacher and assistant superintendent; and his wife, Cindy, has taught home economics.

“The Liberty family is excited for Mr. 卡普斯继续担任学校校长,”利伯缇大学校长唐迪·科斯廷说. “God has blessed him with the talents, heart, 并且充满热情地教导我们的年轻人,帮助他们为生活打下坚实的圣经基础. We are grateful for Mr. 卡普斯的奉献精神,以及我们整个LCA团队在基督教教育方面的领导地位.”


在我的教育和职业生涯的每一步中,我都能看到神的手在帮助我,让我为今天的事奉做好准备. 我渴望神使用我,引导别人认识耶稣基督的救赎, and the classroom, athletic field, and office are vehicles to achieve this goal. 我全心全意地相信手机在线澳门赌场地址的使命和愿景, Thomas Road Baptist Church, 利伯缇大学与家长合作,帮助学生实现天赋的潜能.”

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